Ask me my theory about the universe,
My theory of life,
And what I think about everything under it’s hood.
Ask me anything.
Dig it out from me.
Make me spill my words.
I’ve always been afraid of how absurd I might sound.
Ask me how my day was,
Good or bad.
I wanna share my day with you,
And I hope you would share yours too.
I would love to know if you had a nice day.
Even if it’s not with me.
Being happy is all that I could ask.
And if you’re sad,
I’ll never let you go to sleep until I make you happy.
Everyone wants someone,
That’s one cliché that’s true.
I’ve always been lone,
Nobody knows the true me…
Its kinda sad…
I know I’m cold sometimes,
That I refuse to give anything up…
It’s just the ice inside the deepest dungeon of my heart.
I’m sorry I’m cold,
I’ve been so lone.
Will me out of my walls will you?
Do it slowly,
Like an injured puppy hiding in his bush.
If you want to,
I’ll let you smash them open.
I really don’t know how to get close to people…
I’m not really a good person…
I’m sorry I’m so emotional at times,
I don’t know why I feel so sad sometimes…
Everyone always put up a strong front,
I’m no different.
I could hold so much inside me…
And if you could give me happiness,
I’ll surely give you my joy.
And if you give me joy,
I’ll have you a lovely surprise.
And if you,
Being in my life adds to it’s value,
By bringing me happiness and joy like no one could,
That’s when I’ll definitely say I love you.
That’s my one and only rule,
To always say what I mean and never curse, swear or insult at anyone.
Maybe sometimes I don’t say it,
Forgive me will you?
Even three words can hurt sometimes…
Take away my sadness,
And I’ll appreciate your company.
Let me do something for you now,
That’s all I ask.
Tell me who bullied you today,
I’ll stand up for you.
Turn everything I have inside,
Into hot burning anger.
Who’s ass do I need to kick today babe?
For I could level an entire city.
The beast inside,
Caged and soundly asleep.
Please never push his buttons…
We all have our triggers and beast.
I don’t think I can put it back again,
Without it ravaging and destroying from the inside…

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