Short prologue: Long post about relationship. Spoilers about the avengers on the first paragraph. Skip if you haven’t already watched the avengers.

I haven’t written on this blog in awhile. Been busy all week so I guess I’ll sit down here to write this post. My apologies for any grammatical errors, terms, use of words and dah dah dah… Well, it’s 4 am in the morning and I kinda just came home from the theatre after catching the latest installment of Avengers. Needless to say, it was awesome though I found Ultron to be a tad bit lacking as a villain. Not gonna spoil too much here but all he does is talk about peace, creating a new world through mass annihilation and destruction, flies around all day with his tinmans doing most of his work, lift, hurls rock at thor and obviously, controls an army of substandard ironmans. The most threatening thing he did that caught my eye was when he fired his laser from his hand towards that pretty looking South Korea scientist when she disconnect the uplink of Ultron’s conscious to the artificially built android resting in the cradle after Scarlet woke her up. So that’s pretty much about it… It’s still a pretty awesome movie though, I was in constant awe watching the Avengers packing a punch, kicking those tinman in their ass and saving the world like good o’times.

I think that’s enough about the movie for now. I’ve had a lot of thoughts lately, mainly derived from people around me. You know… being around people, hearing things sort of sets you thinking. Relationship. It seems like the most common problem everyone has these days. People in a three year relationship are having troubles. Things are getting boring or rather routine. A good morning, good night call and all those mandatory I care about you stuffs. And then you are busy with life but then you’ll make time for each other every week. Perhaps you set a day aside every week like Saturday, something like a family day every week. You’ll meet, have lunch, movie, dinner or whatsoever. You’ll go to places and eventually you’ll run out of things to do in this small tiny metropolis.
I think it’s crazy and scary sometimes. Relationships. The phrase where you look into someone to spend the rest of your life with. It’s not a fling, its not a one or two years kind of thing. It’s for finding someone to spend the entire rest of your life with. Do you truly love each other? Can you stand each other? Can you live the rest of your life with each other? Is he/she everything that you’re looking for? Do you two complement each other in the areas you are lacking? Do you two make a great team? Are you in this for love? Or to have someone to feel less lone. And if one day you find you two are not compatible, would you fold the relationship or work to make a change together to make things work?
There’s just so many things and question here I could add onto and there’s the aspect of you quarrelling about little things. What I find is, it doesn’t matter what you’re quarrelling about. If you both care about each other, you’ll quarrel right? If you don’t care about the other party, you wouldn’t bother yourself with them or what they did wrong. You wouldn’t even care. I think the fundamental of these all is either jealously, frustration, and unhappiness.
I haven’t really have the entire codex figured out but here’s some of my thoughts.
Jealously. I think it sorts of happen right? One way or the other. Take for example, lets say this guy brings his girl out with his friends and there’s this girl best friend he have that he confines to about problems with girls. And so she is bound to be jealous of how close you two might seem right? The thing I find is, you should never let you partner feels like he/she is in competition with another for you love, affection and attention. Because what could be worse than letting them doubt how you feel about them. It’s a kind of feeling that destroys you from the inside. People need to feel secured because feelings can be changed/developed. Everyone starts with something. A stranger, a friend, a best friend to a lover. Relationship fails a lot these days because after awhile, we just do less of what we should. We should always show the ones we love how much we love them. Like pack a little love, a little surprise every week to show them how much you love them. It’s a simple reassurance that goes along way.

I think that’s it from me for now. I know… I didn’t touch on unhappiness and frustration. I simply don’t have the keys right now. Another question pop up in my head whilst writing this posr. Are people truly in it (relationship) for love or to simply have someone they can call their own? But I guess that’s another story for another time.

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