I am just a loner, nostalgic for a love that hasn’t happen. I write of love everyday as if i am in one. I daze in and out all day, daydreaming about how wondering it would be, to share your life with someone you love but ironically, I don’t like getting close with people for many reasons. I always keep an appropriate distance away from people, a not too hot and not too cold kind of distance. I like to be alone yet I hate feeling lonely. I am a paradox. I don’t know what’s wrong with me these days. I am cold. Everyone is so normal and then theres me. The odd one out. How do I fix this? I really wish I have someone to love.

I always believe that everyone here on this blue planet has a soulmate, The One. You know? A love destiny kind of thing, “The One.” I believe that one way or the other, you will meet that one person and that no matter what happens in life, how many twist and turns life sends you through, you will always end up with who you’re meant to be with because destiny would always find a way to guide you to your destine lover. Ridiculous isn’t it? I thought so… But I really believe in this, as much as I believe in the stars, the moon, the sun, the entire universe as a whole. This concept came to me from a geek mythology, whereby Zeus, being afraid of us humans, split us into two. You know… It’s a soulmate kind of thing.

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