About me

Just a short introduction of myself.

I’m almost 20, I live in Singapore. I love music, movies, animals and anything under the sun. I love all kinds of music, I was going to list a few of my favorite artist but I couldn’t settle on any because I like them all and the list goes on forever so… Basically, I love music, any music. As long as the lyrics have an underlying story to tell, a story waiting for me to be discovered. I watch all kinds of movies whenever they get screened in the cinemas, mostly actions because you know, guys like an action-packed movie. I do enjoy romance, comedy (shitty or not, I don’t mind, as long as I get a good laugh) and fiction, especially sci-fi. I like the idea of exploring space, the high-tech, futuristic stuffs that just blows my mind. I adore animals. More specifically, dogs, kittens (strictly kittens, I honestly just think cats are hell-spawns especially those that looks really grumpy and give you a death stare whenever you walk past them in the neighboring park *bad experience* :/)  and of course, elephants 🙂

I like to think of this place as my sanctuary, where I can share my thoughts with everyone. Here, you will find my darkest and coldest thoughts. I write what I feel in my own point of view. I could be right or wrong. It doesn’t matter, just take it with a pinch of salt. I try my best to write nonchalantly but still.


*I struggle with English.

*I screw my grammar alot. (forgive me, thanks. I usually write and don’t proof read because I am lazy like that.)

*I don’t have a huge arsenal of vocabulary at my disposal.

Have a good day~

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